Why Should I Trade Fairly? Your Influence on Others

Why should I trade fairly? That guy isn’t!

To some members, this thought may be running through your head. That “Why?” is ringing on a loop.

The “Why?” is important. Trading fairly encourages fair trading. When trading, every member is required and expected to trade their goods and services at retail price. This meaning, their services or goods are not marked up due to payment being rendered in Trade Dollars.

Jim Rohn said, “Never mistake the power of influence.”

And, in the case of fair trading, it rings true. When you provide a good or service to someone, at the fair retail price, and treat them like a cash customer, you have influence. It provides them with a pleasant, efficient, and protected experience. Then, they recognize the quality of the service, and associate it positively with Trade transactions. On their next sale, they will remember your experience and possibly emulate it.

However, there will still be members who choose practices other than that we require. It happens. When you run into these types of experiences, you are well equipped with a great first line of defense, your broker. Your broker is able to assist you to smooth over any confusion or challenges you experience in a transaction. After talking to them, they will do everything in their power to create a positive outcome. 

Here are some other ways you can provide a premier trading experience to your fellow members:

  • Process a transaction the same day you trade.
  • Put it in writing. Contracts are a great tool to protect both parties, and clearly lay out the work or goods being completed or dealt out.
  • Communicate with your personal trade broker. They will make notes of your experiences, and help to make every transaction a pleasant one.
  • Escrow amounts to make sure funds are available from members. This can be done by calling your broker! They will ensure that the funds are set aside and ready to be released upon completed contract.
  • Complete all pending deals and transactions that week, or no later than that month to ensure your transactions are run

Happy Trading!

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